NuRyz Mission

Uniting through Suntian Naziyon & Lady Mprez to bring a new culture for artists through networking, art, and projects. Unifying by utilizing diversity to create a new rise of artists and a new rise of culture, which brings to life NuRyz Projectz.  Our mission in all things, is to be fair and balanced. To seek the higher ideal in a practical way. To lead with courage, being free from resentment and personal bias. Seeking to be a vessel for wisdom to be expelled, for the betterment of humanity and earth. To be a space for progressive discussion, healing, and resolution. A forum for community minded individuals to unify in the spirit of truth and justice. Nuryz is creating a culture through various projects whether it be music, podcasting, or other projects. We stick to our morals and ethics by pushing out real, natural, and organic content and to show support to the artists that show support to us. Our goal is to be a leader in the media world by providing uplifting content that enlightens and entertains our supporters. As a model for edutainment, our goals are to connect with like minded platforms globally to better serve our beneficiaries and stakeholders; namely the artists, fans, and businesses who support us.